Choice Art Show

The Choices have been made.

The Peoples Choice Winners.

Thank you for making your Choice and for being part of this unique experience.

  • The Sea Will Rise Before Me
    The Sea Will Rise Before Me
    Dina Gardner
  • Betulas Garden
    Betulas Garden
    Donald Rainville
  • Adrenaline Rush!
    Adrenaline Rush!
    Heather Blanton
  • Messenger
    Julia M. Doughty
  • Wading for a Ride
    Wading for a Ride
    Karen Bruson
  • All This is Ours
    All This is Ours
    Ryan Kohler
  • Sound Waves
    Sound Waves
    Susan Tobey White

Maine Art Hill is open daily 10 am - 6 pm.

Virtual Artist Reception
Saturday, June 6
5 pm live on Facebook

The Choice Art Show runs through June 25.

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