Choice Art Show

The Choices have been made.

The Peoples Choice Winners.

Thank you for making your Choice and for being part of this unique experience.

  • TGolfers With Neon
    Golfers With Neon
    Heather Blanton
  • Fullness of Time
    Fullness of Time
    Christine Brenner
  • Freesia Nocturne
    Freesia Nocturne
    Christopher Castelli
  • February Bluebird
    February Bluebird
    Sandra L. Dunn
  • Beach Stone #11
    Beach Stone #11
    Alex Dunwoodie
  • Seaweed Bunting
    Jeffrey T. Fitzgerald
    Ryan Kohler
  • Play It Loud
    Play It Loud
    Rick Hamilton
  • The Crossing
    The Crossing
    Julie Houck
  • New England Harbour at Twilight
    New England Harbour at Twilight
    John LeCours
  • Standing Pine
    Standing Pine
    Jill Matthews
  • Kennebunk River at Dusk
    Kennebunk River at Dusk
    Ingunn Milla Joergensen
  • Gigantic
    Trip Park
  • Boats At Sunrise
    Boats At Sunrise
    Holly Ready
  • The Rain Forest
    The Rain Forest
    Monique Sakellarios